Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh the places you'll go...

I know, long time...NO BLOG! I've been so busy and not having the Internet at home doesn't help either. Nothing really too new, but yet things are constantly changing. I started a new job in May and am really enjoying it. I now work for Alta Resources in Neenah for the Customer Inbound SC Johnson team. I answer calls from consumers that have issues with their products, want to call and rave about how much they love them, or have questions about usage. It's really interesting and I get to talk to some really nice people, and once in a while a not so nice person. But it's fun to find resolutions for their problems and talk about great products. (I'm the dork that loves cleaning products and office supplies :) The hours aren't too bad either. M-F I work 8-4:30 3 days a week and then 9:30-6 the other two days. Sometimes there is a 8:30-5 day too.

I really like my new job, but do miss being home. Kurt and I agree that if we could swing it, that I would be a house wife. I proved my talents well beyond expectations during my 7 month stretch as Boozer's stay at home mommy. BUT, we cannot afford for me to continue to stay at home, so at the very least I'm happy to have found a job that I like.

Maysun is enjoying her summer. She is being passed along during the week between Aunt Amy's and the two grandma's. Hard to believe that school starts in 4 1/2 weeks. YUCK! She is not very pleasant in the morning, and hates her 7:30 bedtime. I hate having to put her to bed that early, but she is one of those kids that needs 10+ hours of sleep to function well.

We spent last week at our friends cottage in Lakewood WI for our annual week of summer vacation. We brought our niece Morgan along with us this year. I'm so glad that she was able to come along and be a part of our little family for the week. Though we had a week of fun and relaxation, we stumbled along w/ a few snags. First of all, the day we were to leave I woke up w/ a lot of pain in my right shoulder and neck. (I didn't have much range of motion for my head) So I spent the first half of my vacation in a considerable amount of pain, but who needs to turn their head. Then Kurt went to take his step-father fishing, couldn't get the boat to start. they started rowing it to the boat landing when a good Samaritan stopped and towed them there. I met them w/ the truck and trailer and we took it to Powers in Townsend. Turned out to be a solenoid, replaced that. Later that day, the winch wouldn't go back into the quad. Took that to Lakewood Motorsports, solenoid. I went to the Doctor for my neck, where I learned from the physician's assistant that the muscles in my neck where "pissed off" (seriously, that's what he told me) which means that I got put on muscle relaxers that rendered me unconscious for 12 hours at a crack. On the plus side though, it meant that Kurt had to give me massages. Twist my arm! So later in the week, I took the girls to the Lakewood Zoo and then for ice cream. On the way home, the truck started running funny and the service engine light came on because obviously we hadn't spent enough money on our toys throughout the week. Kurt took it to Wilson's Repair in Mountain. They hooked up the truck to the scanner, which promptly read that we had a TRANSMISSION issue!!! Holy crap, that's an expensive issue. SO, we had our friends tow the boat home and follow us when we left on Sunday. Made it home safely, and got the truck to Ray's Transmission in Neenah. We have a friend/old neighbor that works there. He ran the scanner on the truck again and what do you know...he thinks it's a solenoid. What are the freak'n chances? We had that fixed last night and flushed... so hopefully that is all it is.

Boozer is doing good as well. She went to the vet a few weeks ago and they said that she is over weight at 32 lbs. So we have cut back the amount of food that we are giving her and trying to get her some more exercise. She is extra super snugly lately and still a joy to be around. You'd think she was my child.

Kurt has switched machines at work. He seems to be enjoying it more than the last one that he was on. He liked the last machine and his operator, but he was constantly in motion piling off these boxes and he would come home w/ the worst back aches.

We are working on getting a new (to us) vehicle. So hopefully our little Bonneville will be replaced in the coming weeks. We also had our house painted a few weeks back. It's the same color, but looks so much better. It needs touch up in a few places, but we are over all pleased. Time to get some bushes!!!

Nothing else new to report...I'll try to update this a little more often and I'll post some updated pictures soon!!!