Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trivial Tuesday

Oh, for like two seconds I was thinking today was Monday. Dear lord, I need a nap... or caffeine. The second one is more likely to happen than the first. For some insanely stupid reason, I woke up at one am this morning and didn't fall back asleep until after three. uhg! So Boozer and I snuggled and watched some of season 6 of 'Friends'. (I have a sick obsession with this show... it's my favorite :) So needless to say, I'm draggin' today. Did I mention that once Kurt realized that I was awake, it was on... he was in the bedroom talking to me like every ten minutes. Which kept my mind going and made it harder to fall back asleep. I love the man, but sometimes opposite shifts rub me the wrong way. He's on 2-10 this week. He worked 4p-2a last week and I've had enough of not seeing him. It's annoying. This past weekend was soooo busy with housework, cooking, birthday party, clean up, laundry, and yard work... that the most time I spent with him was while watching movies. I genuinely miss him. He might be going up north to Troy's this weekend for a work weekend, that I think by Sunday I'll be going crazy. We'll see what happens.
This week is nutso for me at work. My company is hosting our annual A/C Seminar this Thursday night. Which means I've been prepping for this for weeks. I've got 50 people coming. I've ordered food, rented a grill, rented a hall, put together goodie bags & seminar information packs, blah blah blah.... I'm ready for it to be over. I'll start work at 7:45a on Thursday and won't get home until after 11p. I need a day off.
We are thinking about taking a long weekend on the 9th of May. There is a fun motel in Cecil, WI that has an indoor pool w/ pool side rooms. We were supposed to be going out of town that weekend anyway for a family wedding... but since we're not, we might as well go and do something fun as a family. Hopefully that will work out for us.
Back to the grind...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well... she did it!

She went ahead and turned seven yesterday. I cannot believe how fast it all has zipped past me.
Kurt is on 4p-2a this week. So we woke him up around 7am so Maysun could open her gifts. She's the only 7 year old I know that is genuinely excited to get clothes. (she's a very vein little princess with a touch of tomboy) Anywhozlebees...she liked all of her gifts. Kurt took her to school and I was able to get out of work early and pick her up. Which was a nice treat for Maysun because she usually has a sitter for drop off and pick up. We got home and Kurt hadn't left for work yet, so we got to see him which was a nice treat for the both of us :)!!! Kurt and I gave her, her last present. We got her a desk for her bedroom. (Kurt worked all day assembling this stupid thing... over 100 pieces. Not cool. He got most of it done before we got home. All that is left, is the drawers and the cabinet door.) She has already started putting all of her arts and crafts stuff all over the top. She is thrilled!
Later, we went and picked up a slew of McDonald's food (I let her pick out what she wanted for her birthday dinner!) And we went over to my sister Amy's house and we all had dinner together, had a birthday treat, and the kids played outside. All around, it was a nice day.
God gave her the best present of all, it was 70 degrees yesterday!!! What a beautiful day!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Boozer says I'm a mean mommy!

(For those of you that don't know, I keep a running commentary for my dog...since she can't talk, I say what I think she's thinking. Oh yeah, and I'm crazy!)

Boozer has a crush on the neighbor boy. He's a 11 year old black lab named Jake.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, Boozer was trying to entice me into a game of 'push the doggie'. (This is were she stands on the bed and we push her backwards and she lunges back at us and we push her again....she's a very simple dog!) Anyway, I opened up the curtains and she struck her usual pose at the end of the bed. Which is staring intently at the neighbor's backdoor waiting for them to open it, then she gets really excited. So, they let Jake out within minutes. She jumps off of the bed and puts her paws up on the window sill and starts whining non-stop for like five minutes.

I say, "No Boozer, you're not going out to play with Jake right now." And I walk into the bathroom to put lotion on my hands. She follows me, heads strait for the window, moves the curtains with her little nose, sees Jake and starts wiggling her little butt! All the while, she's whining!

I say, "No Boozer, you're not going out to play with Jake right now, I have to leave for work." She dips her head down and slowly turns her head over her shoulder and looks at me with those puppy eyes. I repeat myself once more. She lets out a sigh, walks over to me and trys to climb into my lap. She was sooo disappointed.

The teacher in our obedience class (which she passed, by the way!!! Then again so did all the other dogs, so that doesn't mean crap.) said that dogs don't understand you when you talk to them, they only understand basic commands that we teach them. I think she's wrong. Boozer totally gets me.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm crazy?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hello everyone,

For those who don't know us well, we are a slow growing family of four. I am Katie, age 29. I have three kids; Kurt (age 33), Maysun (will be 7 on the 16th), and Booze Hound (9 months). Well, technically Maysun is my only child. Kurt is my loving fiance, we are getting married on September 27th of this year. We could not be happier and are very excited for our big day.

Maysun is in the first grade at Taft Elementary. We are all eagerly awaiting summer vacation, No more early bedtime!!!! Boozer is in puppy classes at Winnegamie Kennel Club. She can be stubborn (that's the pit bull in her) and she's more interested in kissing the other doggies. Not to mention that I don't have enough time to work with her. So I doubt that she will pass the coarse. Our last class is tomorrow night. Good luck Katie :)!!!
We all live cramped together in our little house in Neenah. We all LOVE our house, but sadly it is busting at the seams and cannot hold us in much longer. Kurt and I hope to list it about this time next year.