Monday, July 28, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

There is no turning back now... The wedding invites were mailed this morning! I dropped Maysun off at Dana's, got myself a Mint Mocha Latte from Generations, and went to the Menasha Post office. If I had been smart, I would have separated them into the correct piles; Local delivery, Menasha Only, and Out of town. So I stood there in front of the slots for quite some time separating them correctly.

And I'm sure most of you are wondering why the Menasha Post office, cause that is NOT on my way to work. Unknown to everyone else, I decided to mail them from there, so that they would have the Menasha post mark on them. I thought my grandma Louise would have appreciated it, she lived 1/2 a block down from there on Broad Street.

So, keep an eye out for them this week. Don't they look nice? Amy and I designed, printed, trimmed them. And with a lot of help from my wonderful bridesmaids, some close friends, and the mom's... We embossed, rounded corners, inked edges, fed the ribbon, wrote out addresses, stuffed, sealed and stamped them!!! It was a lot of work and I greatly appreciate every ounce of help I received from them!

So an extra awesome thank you to Amy, Michelle, Stephanie, Bobbie, Sarah, Krista, Joan, Julie, and last but not least, Angie!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

THE bad!

Uh, yeah! I had a rough day, yesterday. I just wasn't having an 'A-game' day. Not that I was having a bad day...I just had a day long series of dumb-ness. I won't even get into the stupid ones during the day. It was the one at the end of the night that was the killer! I was tired, lets just start off with that. Kurt, Maysun and I had gone out for dinner, came home and were working on settling down for the night. Kurt was outside shooting his bow and I was trying to get Maysun into the bathroom for a bath. One of my girlfriends called and needed a friend to lean on. So I started a very serious conversation with her. I started a bath for Maysun and sent her outside to 'count' for Kurt. Which should have only lasted like two minutes. I sat down on the couch and got lost in conversation.
A little while later, Maysun comes running through the house crying. I FORGOT ABOUT THE RUNNING WATER!!!! I'm such a bad mom, wife, and homeowner! The tub ran over and water was everywhere in the bathroom and leaked into the basement. (Onto my wedding stuff, mind you!!! Thank god I am anal and have everything in Rubbermaid totes!!!) So we soaked up the mess with towels and turned on some fans. I don't think there is much damage, but I feel like the worlds biggest idiot! DUH... I could hear the water running in the background. Obviously, I wasn't paying attention. Well, at least no one drowned :)!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again, Home again...Jiggity Jig!!!

We're baaaaaaaaaack!!! Vacation is the greatest thing ever!
I LOVE having time off!!! I will give a brief overview and
some pictures!!! (It's hard to compress a busy week!)

We "rent" a cottage in Lakewood Wisconsin for a week every summer. We are very fortunate that the Pedersen/Keesler family lets us "rent" their awesome lakefront get-a-way!
(Here is the skinny on our trip)

We left home on Saturday the 12th and made it to Lakewood around noon. Sarah and Marc were still there, but packing things up to go home. We swam the dogs for a while and then they headed out around three-ish. Amy, Scott and the kids came up that night around six-ish. They stayed until lunch time on Tuesday. We swam, the guys fished, took the kids four wheeling, went to the Lakewood Zoo, ate lots of good food, tubbed behind the boat, Amy worked on some scrapbooking, and so much more. I will have to wait for Amy to get me the pictures because my batteries were dead in my camera. (I'll share those later)

Tuesday afternoon, Kurt, Maysun, and I went on a tubbing trip down the Wolf River. We were dropped off about three-four miles up river and floated back down to where we were parked. The trip took a little over three hours. Maysun had enough after about an hour. We will wait to do that again when she's a little older. (Wildlife report; we saw a huge snapping turtle and a beaver!!!)

Wednesday morning, Kurt's parents came up to Lakewood and stayed until Friday around lunch. They rode the quads Wednesday, Joan and I shopped on Thursday, Kurt took Phil fishing, Kurt water skiied, played Uno, we ate more food... all in all, it was nice to visit with them away from 'home'.

Friday, I layed around, cleaned, got sunburned
(on my buns too!) not much of anything. It was
a great day!!!

Saturday morning Kurt's brother Bob and his wife
Leanne came up and brought their Quads. We ate
some breakfast and then hit the trails. Maysun rode with Kurt for a while and then with me. We got to Chute Pond and I had to turn back. Maysun's tolorance was low and I had a house to clean. So they continued on to put on 102 miles!!! They came home around dinner. Maysun and I cleaned and layed around in the sun.

Sunday, we came home. (Boo!)

As busy as we were, we had a great vacation.
My favorite parts were; all the sweet corn,
Boozer learning how to swim (btw, she LOVES
it!!!), and not working!!!
Hope you enjoy the pics!!!
Weight Watchers Vacation Update... I gained like
three/four pounds. Whoops! (worth every calorie!) Back to the "WW" grind!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm getting excited!!!

Oh my dear lord almighty... I need a vacation! We leave for Lakewood this Saturday morning!!! I cannot wait! A whole week to be with my family!!! We dropped the Quads off last Saturday and spent the night. Sarah and Marc were up there, and it was fun just to relax. (it was like getting a small taste of what's to come) We got to the cottage around noon, changed into our suits and spent the day in the lake. Sarah and I laid out on the boat, while the guys stood in the water and drank beer out of the 'big bobber' cooler. Sarah and Marc's dogs (Cooper and Molly) swam along side us and got us full of dirt!!! Later in the after noon, Sarah and I took the four wheeler into town and did some wine tasting at the Woodland Trail Winery. We made dinner, took a walk to the neighbors (there are some people up Archibald Lake Road that are actually our real neighbors at home on Denhardt Ave.) so we went and visited with them, went back to the cottage, the guys lit off some fireworks, and then we played Apples to Apples.
We got up on Sunday, lounged a bit and then Kurt and I took a little ride on the Quads. We ran up to Townsend and back. Then stopped at the Northern Perk for some coffee. Rode a little while and then went back. BUT...on our little adventure we saw wild life. Not just your average chippies either. We saw a HORSE!!! It was on the side of the ATV trail. It had on a bridal and a lead, so it couldn't have been wild, but there it stood. It was stuck in some branches but Kurt wouldn't allow me to go near it. (what a meanie) I got off my Quad and started walking towards it and he stopped me. Poor horse. Hopefully it's owners got to it quickly. Anyway, a ways later, we saw a mumma doe and her twin fawns crossing the street and going into the thick brush.
Sunday afternoon we went tubing. Mark drove the boat and pulled us around Chain Lake. I went around a few times before I took a spill. Kurt says I got some good air! I also got soar muscles and nylon burn to boot! Kurt flew off too and took a nice tumble! Good times!!!
Traffic was HOOOOOOORABLE on the way home. It does not normally take three hours to get home. (usually it's 1 hour and 45 minutes) NUTS I tell you!!! We went 15 mph for a VERY long time.
I will hopefully get lots of good pictures this next week and will give you the run down of our much needed vacation! Have a great week!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekend Plans and other garble

Not a whole lot new here...Just your average everyday stuff.

For those of you who are counting (or not) the wedding is 86 days away OR 2 months and 24 days!!! (I have a countdown on Facebook, that's the only reason I know the exact number of days! hehe) The invites will be going in the mail in about three weeks. CRAZY!!! I cannot believe it is July already.

The countdown to "Lakewood" is on... we leave for vacation in 9 days! I am so excited to get away for the week. We are heading up this Saturday for the night. We are going to bring the Quads up with us and leave them, so they are up there the following weekend. (That way Sarah and Marc can use them too this next week!) So when we go up for our week, next Saturday, we will bring the boat with us. That way we have more toys to play with!!! Lets hope for NO boat problems this year! The 'Leaky Lund' sure earned her name last year up there. Not cool. You shouldn't be allowed to stress when you are on vacation!

We have a busy weekend planned. Tonight we are going to dinner w/ Linsey Behling. She is an old friend of mine. She bought a house in Little Chute, so we are going to go and see it and then walk down to Jacks or Better for dinner. I am excited to see her and hang out. It's a treat for me. She works 11-8, so our schedules don't really allow us to see much of each other.
Tomorrow is the fourth of July! We are planning on going over Krahn's for a cookout and then walk down to Riverside Park to watch the fireworks.
And tomorrow is Boozer's birthday!!! I cannot believe my baby is almost one! Thank god she's small and won't get any bigger!!! HEHE!!
Saturday we head up to Lakewood for the night. I cannot wait to ride the Quads, go tubing behind the boat, and just hang out in the sunshine!!!
Sunday we will head home, collect our children, and restart the whole weekly grind again! Laundry, here I come! WOO!

This Saturday mark's the one month point for round II of Weight Watchers. I am teetering between having lost 9 or 10 lbs, and the last time I checked with Kurt, he had lost 14!!! This morning in the mirror I noticed that my thighs aren't as chunky and my face has gotten a little thinner. I won't complain. You can definately notice the loss in Kurt's face and around his middle too! (god he's so hansome!)
When I ordered my wedding dress in January it fit me perfectly! All I needed was a hem. NOW... I might need it taken in a little at the top. Which is an awesome problem! Thank god for alterations! I think I'm going to have a moch/trial run next week. My dress is being stored at Joan and Phil's, so I think I'm going to go over there w/ my backless strapless bra, put on my pretty jewery, and throw my hair up in a clip. Check out the look. See what's going on in that department! I'll have to get ahold of Sandy Joch (my aunt Nola's friend) and see when I can get over there to see what she thinks.

Other than that... It's almost five and I cannot wait to leave work!!! HOORAY for long weekends!!! Peace out!