Thursday, May 29, 2008

Silly Shower

Alright, I got another silly shower gift!!!! This one came from my cousins out in Salt Lake City, Clarissa Weiss, Mark, Harold and Louise Colloton!!! Clarissa is the one that threw me this super fun shower. (I'll update those of you that don't know what I'm talking about) Clarissa sent out invites to family members on my dad's side of the family, asking them to send me cleaver, funny or just plain silly shower gifts. (she wanted to do something fun for me because she lives so far away and cannot be involved in my bridal shower) So, I've been getting fun stuff via the mail.

So, here's what I got from the Colloton-Weiss family! Each of us at the Rosenthal-Mayer household, got their own fun gift! Kurt got a cutting board and knife set! Katie got an awesome wedding photo album (which i'm super excited about because I've been meaning to look for one!) Maysun got a Disney sing-a-long DVD, sponge bob mac&cheese and m&m minis! Boozer got a black big-girl collar with rainbow Smitty smiley faces all over it! And the future 'baby Mayer' got a blue onesie that says, 'good looks run in the family'!!!!! How frick'n awesome is that??? Super funny because it came from family! So hopefully the next one is a boy OR I can find a cute skirt to go with it :)!!!!!

My aunt Elizabeth emailed me a few days ago and said that she was putting my silly shower gift in the mail! So I'll have more updates on the silly shower gifts soon!!!

OH, by the way... I forgot to mention that this past Saturday a bunch of us gals got together (Me, Amy, my mom-Julie, Kurt's mom-Joan, Angie, Stephanie and Sarah) sat down at Amy's house and addressed, stuffed and stamped all the wedding invites. THEY ARE DONE!!!! (well, with the exception of like a dozen odd ball ones that I need updated address's for) WOO HOO!!! another step closer to the wedding. Next big project is the flowers. Which by the way, two weekends ago, my aunt Pam and I went to Steins and Hobby Lobby and picked up everything that we need to work on them. I've even picked up some Rubbermaid containers to put them in once they are done so they don't get dusty or banged up. So, I think after my bridal shower next weekend... we can start working on them. Things are starting to come together!!! EEK, I'm a dork :)


Yesterday I took a half day!!! I left work at one, went home, and Kurt and I ran some errands before our appointment at three. (more on that later) We ran to Harbor Freight, the Fox Cities Visitor Center, Steins, and Menard's. We were walking through Menard's when my cell phone rings. It's Mrs. Swanson at Taft Elementary. 'Maysun fell at recess and has a cut in her chin, I think she might need stitches!' (my dear lord...those are some powerful words when you're not expecting them) So not only are we running late for our appointment with PASTOR HOLTE, but now I have to make like 16 thousand phone calls; grandma Joan-can you pick her up?, Janelle-you don't need to pick her up!, Amy-Maysun fell at school does Theda care have a immediate care?, Theda care pediatrics-can you get her in today? no! can anybody? no! what? emergency room? is there a cheaper option? what do you mean no one can sew at the Dr. office? aren't they doctors? (idiots), Mrs. Swanson- grandma Joan is coming to get her now. please pull her out of class!, grandma Joan calls me back- she doesn't need stitches! that lady at the school office is an idiot!, Pastor Holte- we are running late. we'll be there shortly!

WHEW!!! So we arrived at church at 3:07. We had to meet with Pastor Holte to start our pre-marital stuff. So we sat down and talked with him for a little while. Then he placed us in the church library to do our 'scan tron' style compatibility test. Only, we get to take the 'special' version. The test that they give to people who are divorced or already have children. Interesting stuff. We had to be as honest as we could on these tests. It's kind of difficult when your only reactions to these statements in this booklet are; strongly disagree, disagree, undecided, agree or strongly agree. Leaves some grey areas. But I guess that's what the test is designed to do. So we are sitting in the library and we are not allowed to talk to each other. And I'm giggling because I find humor in just about everything. So Kurt starts asking me which questions I'm giggling at. (well, it's not like we were cheating) The last ten questions were all about your feelings toward your family during your teenage years. Strange. My family is messed up. We didn't do squat together. How did I end up semi-normal?
So when all is said and done and we leave, Kurt and I have decided on our own which areas that we need work on. Our biggest ones seem to be combining our budgets and becoming more spiritual as a couple. Which we already knew these things. This is nothing new to us. We've been talking about working on these things since forever... But with the help of Pastor Holte, we can find a way to fit this into our every day living. What an interesting process. I'm interested to see what else the test has to say!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boopers new found freedom!

The Boop has found her freedom. Kurt is replacing the fence in our backyard...yes with his broken foot! Oh did I fail to mention that he broke a bone in the ball of his foot. He was getting out of the boat on Saturday and felt a slight twinge. Turns out he snapped a bone. (He's like an old lady... last fall it was his pinkie toe when he accidentally kicked the frame of a door instead of stepping on the puppy) Anyway, back to the fence. It was falling apart and needed some TLC. So he decided since he's off of work for two weeks, to take on this project. So a few days ago the fence came down. We have to take extra caution to make sure that Boozer gets put on her cable because she's found this new freedom, now that there is no fence. She likes to wander around and smell every thing in the neighbors yard. (two houses down too) She thinks it's the greatest thing ever. I am constantly reminding her where her yard ends. I'm thinking the grass must be much softer over there because every chance she gets... she's relieving herself in their yard. Or maybe she just can sense that they are weird neighbors and wants to 'make' in their yard to get back at them. 'Way to kill their grass Boozer!!! Good girl!'
They really are strange people. You can walk past them and say hello and wave. NOTHING. They look at you with this far off gaze. Totally emotionless. Weird people.
And then there are the people on the other side of us... the ones that we consider to be the good neighbors. This is the Zillisch family. (Jim Zillisch, in case I reference them again.) Strange that we consider people who throw cigarette butts and garbage onto our lawn, to be good neighbors. It's not Jim that's the problem. It's his teenage children and their weirdo friends that are the problem. We've asked them to be more considerate many times. But they don't care. Darn kids! But whenever, whatever we need... Jim is there to help. Hand him a cold beer and he'll do just about anything. Plus Boozer is in love with their dog, Jake. He may belong to hillbillies, but she doesn't care. That's her boy!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BRIDAL... SHOWERS GALORE!!!!!!! (exciting and not so exciting :)

I love weddings!!!
Getting married is all kinds of exciting to me for many different reasons. Not only am I excited to solidify my family and relationship to the man I love in front of god, friends and family. Not only am I excited to start the next chapter in our lives; selling and buying a new house, adding to our family, etc... Not only am I excited because am loving planning this wedding; picking out flowers, making invites, creating funky ideas for table favors, making strange titles for my nephews for in the programs at the church (Eli Randall, Katie's nephew... official wedding supervisor), punching out orange velum leaves to mix into the rocks at the bottom of the centerpieces. I think I'm good at planning my wedding :) !!! Not only am I excited to get all glam'd up and to see all of my wedding party and family dressed up all so very nicely.

I am also super excited for my showers. I love wedding showers!!! My BRIDAL SHOWER that is being thrown by my bridesmaids is June 7th at my church. I cannot wait to see the resaults of all of their hard work.

My cousin Clarissa has thrown me a SILLY SHOWER. (Clarissa is married to my cousin Mark who is the son of my Aunt Liz, my dad's sister) She sent invites to family members on my dads side, to send me a creative gift and fun gift. Clarissa threw me this shower because she's awesome and wanted to do something for me because she lives so far away. (They live in Salt Lake City.)
So... so far I have received the following; a silver and rhinestone dog collar for Boozer to wear the day of the wedding, from my Aunt Carolyn. The game of LIFE, doggie toys for Booper, and 3D sidewalk chalk, from my sister Amy. What fun I am having getting all sorts of fun stuff in the mail. I cannot wait to see what other creative things my family comes up with. I'll update my blog as I receive more.

There have been two. These are the two that are not so fun. The first one was given to me by my kitchen this past Sunday evening. Little did I know, the pitch was wrong in the pipes under the sink and things weren't draining properly. So, I go to turn on my garbage disposal. And what do you think would come out the other side??? If you're thinking nothing, you're sadly mistaken. That's right...I had saurkraut shooting up about two feet into the air. Landing on me. Good times! ('yuck' isn't even close to discribing this situation)

The second not so fantastic shower was given to me this morning by my babysitters puppy, Butterscotch. That's right... she peed on my foot as I'm walking out the door to work. Thanks Butterscotch! Thank the lord I was wearing flipflops and had my work shoes in the van.

So, that's the update on me for today... being showered with all sorts of goodies :)