Thursday, May 29, 2008

Silly Shower

Alright, I got another silly shower gift!!!! This one came from my cousins out in Salt Lake City, Clarissa Weiss, Mark, Harold and Louise Colloton!!! Clarissa is the one that threw me this super fun shower. (I'll update those of you that don't know what I'm talking about) Clarissa sent out invites to family members on my dad's side of the family, asking them to send me cleaver, funny or just plain silly shower gifts. (she wanted to do something fun for me because she lives so far away and cannot be involved in my bridal shower) So, I've been getting fun stuff via the mail.

So, here's what I got from the Colloton-Weiss family! Each of us at the Rosenthal-Mayer household, got their own fun gift! Kurt got a cutting board and knife set! Katie got an awesome wedding photo album (which i'm super excited about because I've been meaning to look for one!) Maysun got a Disney sing-a-long DVD, sponge bob mac&cheese and m&m minis! Boozer got a black big-girl collar with rainbow Smitty smiley faces all over it! And the future 'baby Mayer' got a blue onesie that says, 'good looks run in the family'!!!!! How frick'n awesome is that??? Super funny because it came from family! So hopefully the next one is a boy OR I can find a cute skirt to go with it :)!!!!!

My aunt Elizabeth emailed me a few days ago and said that she was putting my silly shower gift in the mail! So I'll have more updates on the silly shower gifts soon!!!

OH, by the way... I forgot to mention that this past Saturday a bunch of us gals got together (Me, Amy, my mom-Julie, Kurt's mom-Joan, Angie, Stephanie and Sarah) sat down at Amy's house and addressed, stuffed and stamped all the wedding invites. THEY ARE DONE!!!! (well, with the exception of like a dozen odd ball ones that I need updated address's for) WOO HOO!!! another step closer to the wedding. Next big project is the flowers. Which by the way, two weekends ago, my aunt Pam and I went to Steins and Hobby Lobby and picked up everything that we need to work on them. I've even picked up some Rubbermaid containers to put them in once they are done so they don't get dusty or banged up. So, I think after my bridal shower next weekend... we can start working on them. Things are starting to come together!!! EEK, I'm a dork :)

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