Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boopers new found freedom!

The Boop has found her freedom. Kurt is replacing the fence in our backyard...yes with his broken foot! Oh did I fail to mention that he broke a bone in the ball of his foot. He was getting out of the boat on Saturday and felt a slight twinge. Turns out he snapped a bone. (He's like an old lady... last fall it was his pinkie toe when he accidentally kicked the frame of a door instead of stepping on the puppy) Anyway, back to the fence. It was falling apart and needed some TLC. So he decided since he's off of work for two weeks, to take on this project. So a few days ago the fence came down. We have to take extra caution to make sure that Boozer gets put on her cable because she's found this new freedom, now that there is no fence. She likes to wander around and smell every thing in the neighbors yard. (two houses down too) She thinks it's the greatest thing ever. I am constantly reminding her where her yard ends. I'm thinking the grass must be much softer over there because every chance she gets... she's relieving herself in their yard. Or maybe she just can sense that they are weird neighbors and wants to 'make' in their yard to get back at them. 'Way to kill their grass Boozer!!! Good girl!'
They really are strange people. You can walk past them and say hello and wave. NOTHING. They look at you with this far off gaze. Totally emotionless. Weird people.
And then there are the people on the other side of us... the ones that we consider to be the good neighbors. This is the Zillisch family. (Jim Zillisch, in case I reference them again.) Strange that we consider people who throw cigarette butts and garbage onto our lawn, to be good neighbors. It's not Jim that's the problem. It's his teenage children and their weirdo friends that are the problem. We've asked them to be more considerate many times. But they don't care. Darn kids! But whenever, whatever we need... Jim is there to help. Hand him a cold beer and he'll do just about anything. Plus Boozer is in love with their dog, Jake. He may belong to hillbillies, but she doesn't care. That's her boy!!!

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