Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again, Home again...Jiggity Jig!!!

We're baaaaaaaaaack!!! Vacation is the greatest thing ever!
I LOVE having time off!!! I will give a brief overview and
some pictures!!! (It's hard to compress a busy week!)

We "rent" a cottage in Lakewood Wisconsin for a week every summer. We are very fortunate that the Pedersen/Keesler family lets us "rent" their awesome lakefront get-a-way!
(Here is the skinny on our trip)

We left home on Saturday the 12th and made it to Lakewood around noon. Sarah and Marc were still there, but packing things up to go home. We swam the dogs for a while and then they headed out around three-ish. Amy, Scott and the kids came up that night around six-ish. They stayed until lunch time on Tuesday. We swam, the guys fished, took the kids four wheeling, went to the Lakewood Zoo, ate lots of good food, tubbed behind the boat, Amy worked on some scrapbooking, and so much more. I will have to wait for Amy to get me the pictures because my batteries were dead in my camera. (I'll share those later)

Tuesday afternoon, Kurt, Maysun, and I went on a tubbing trip down the Wolf River. We were dropped off about three-four miles up river and floated back down to where we were parked. The trip took a little over three hours. Maysun had enough after about an hour. We will wait to do that again when she's a little older. (Wildlife report; we saw a huge snapping turtle and a beaver!!!)

Wednesday morning, Kurt's parents came up to Lakewood and stayed until Friday around lunch. They rode the quads Wednesday, Joan and I shopped on Thursday, Kurt took Phil fishing, Kurt water skiied, played Uno, we ate more food... all in all, it was nice to visit with them away from 'home'.

Friday, I layed around, cleaned, got sunburned
(on my buns too!) not much of anything. It was
a great day!!!

Saturday morning Kurt's brother Bob and his wife
Leanne came up and brought their Quads. We ate
some breakfast and then hit the trails. Maysun rode with Kurt for a while and then with me. We got to Chute Pond and I had to turn back. Maysun's tolorance was low and I had a house to clean. So they continued on to put on 102 miles!!! They came home around dinner. Maysun and I cleaned and layed around in the sun.

Sunday, we came home. (Boo!)

As busy as we were, we had a great vacation.
My favorite parts were; all the sweet corn,
Boozer learning how to swim (btw, she LOVES
it!!!), and not working!!!
Hope you enjoy the pics!!!
Weight Watchers Vacation Update... I gained like
three/four pounds. Whoops! (worth every calorie!) Back to the "WW" grind!!!

3 comments: said...

Hello Princess D
So nice to meet you and see your comment on my blog :)
Lovely pictures, makes me want to head out to the beach. Say hi to your little one.
I'm adding you to my blog favs now. Talk to you later,
Queen D aka Pam said...

Can't find an email for you, but wanted you to know I've posted pics of the shop. Thought you might enjoy a walk down memory lane :)

Roxanne Schwandt said...

What a fun vacation at the lake! love the pics, and I can tell boozer enjoys being photographed as well as swimming! :) What a fun video, too!!!