Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hello everyone,

For those who don't know us well, we are a slow growing family of four. I am Katie, age 29. I have three kids; Kurt (age 33), Maysun (will be 7 on the 16th), and Booze Hound (9 months). Well, technically Maysun is my only child. Kurt is my loving fiance, we are getting married on September 27th of this year. We could not be happier and are very excited for our big day.

Maysun is in the first grade at Taft Elementary. We are all eagerly awaiting summer vacation, No more early bedtime!!!! Boozer is in puppy classes at Winnegamie Kennel Club. She can be stubborn (that's the pit bull in her) and she's more interested in kissing the other doggies. Not to mention that I don't have enough time to work with her. So I doubt that she will pass the coarse. Our last class is tomorrow night. Good luck Katie :)!!!
We all live cramped together in our little house in Neenah. We all LOVE our house, but sadly it is busting at the seams and cannot hold us in much longer. Kurt and I hope to list it about this time next year.


LutherLiz said...

I go to comment on Tiffany's blog and discover another friend in blogland! Woohoo! how are wedding plans going? It is on my calendar and I have no intentions of missing it!

Katie Rosenthal-Mayer said...

I would be so pleased if you were able to come and play with me on my wedding day!!! We've got some serious rump shaking ahead of us :)!!!!
Wedding plans are going great. Not much new to report. I'm at a lul right now. We booked our photographer a few weeks ago, so that is exciting. In a few more weeks, we'll start assembling the wedding invites that my sister and i are making. we have to embelish them and such. it will be fun to gather a few of my girls and work on this huge project. other than that not much else is new.
It sounds like you had a great trip! Post some pics when you get a chance and let me know where they are (facebook, here, ect...)