Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well... she did it!

She went ahead and turned seven yesterday. I cannot believe how fast it all has zipped past me.
Kurt is on 4p-2a this week. So we woke him up around 7am so Maysun could open her gifts. She's the only 7 year old I know that is genuinely excited to get clothes. (she's a very vein little princess with a touch of tomboy) Anywhozlebees...she liked all of her gifts. Kurt took her to school and I was able to get out of work early and pick her up. Which was a nice treat for Maysun because she usually has a sitter for drop off and pick up. We got home and Kurt hadn't left for work yet, so we got to see him which was a nice treat for the both of us :)!!! Kurt and I gave her, her last present. We got her a desk for her bedroom. (Kurt worked all day assembling this stupid thing... over 100 pieces. Not cool. He got most of it done before we got home. All that is left, is the drawers and the cabinet door.) She has already started putting all of her arts and crafts stuff all over the top. She is thrilled!
Later, we went and picked up a slew of McDonald's food (I let her pick out what she wanted for her birthday dinner!) And we went over to my sister Amy's house and we all had dinner together, had a birthday treat, and the kids played outside. All around, it was a nice day.
God gave her the best present of all, it was 70 degrees yesterday!!! What a beautiful day!!!

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LutherLiz said...

I cannot believe that she is already 7! Where does the time go! Happy Birthday Maysun!