Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Want to see something creepy... go to
and look at the bottom way over to the right!

I mean who announces this in the paper? Strange.

I think they are trying to give the Duggars a run for their money! And if you don't know who the Duggars are... go to! I am actually quite enthralled by this family. They have like 18 kids and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I mean, good for this family because they have this huge nice house, their children are smart & well adjusted, and they live debt free. Weird, yes!

Nothing new to report... just thought I'd share the highlight of my day with you all!!!

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Roxanne Schwandt said...

now that is just plain crazy! I've seen that Duggar family on TV and they freaking blow me away!! What the heck, like when do they even find the time to do the dead with that many kids in and out....? jeez!