Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day Weekend. Friday Jacob and Morgan slept over. I watched Carter until 10, so that Amy and Scott could celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. We made a nest, snuggled, ate popcorn, and watched movies! I had fun and I hope the kids did too!!

Saturday morning I made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, we cleaned up our mess, ran to the bank, dropped books off at the library, played in the fountain at Shattuck park, picked up produce at the farmers market, and then I dropped the kids off at home.

Saturday afternoon, Stephanie, Angie, Cassandra, and my mom came over to help assemble the table favors for the wedding. I am happy to say that they are DONE!!! Woo hoo!!!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at Todd & Jody Schwartzkoph's house. We hung out, had a few cocktails, and spent the day in their pool. What a relaxing afternoon!

Sunday night, we went out to a friends house in Omro. The city of Omro cancelled their 4th of July celebration because their river was too high. So they rescheduled it for this past Sunday. So we watched the fireworks in Dan and Sarah's backyard. We hung out there until 11 and then went home.

Monday...ah, my favorite day. We spent the entire day in bed watching TV! I LOVED IT!!! That's the best kind of day off!!!

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So happy to see a new post by the Princess :) Looks like you are doing well and having fun.
When are coming up North again???? Hmmmmm?????
Talk to ya,