Thursday, September 18, 2008

To everything there is a season...

As the wedding draws near, people keep asking me if I am nervous. And to tell the truth I was starting to get nervous in the following departments; what if I don't get all my stuff done on time & oh crap I have to stand up in front of 100 people and hope I don't pass out. I think this is all very common as far as wedding jitters go.
BUT...since god has this way of messing with me, I was ill prepared for the blow that struck me last week Monday. I had taken the day off to get some stuff done. (this was the Monday after my Bachelorette party) OK, so my boss's call me at home on my day off and drop the bomb...we are being purchased! (mind you, I've already been through one buy out!) We are being purchased by one of our competitors and they cannot guarantee that I'll have a job once this happens. OH... did I mention that this "purchase" is happening the weekend of my wedding??? LOVELY! So, as of right now, I don't know if I'll have a job to come back to. And, I'm for sure loosing my company vehicle!
So, I apologize for not blogging lately...I've got a lot on my plate. Let me tell you... this doesn't make the stress of the final weeks of wedding planning look like much! God's always throwing curve balls. Thank god I'm so prepared. (I know you all secretly laughed at me when I was doing all this misc. wedding stuff months ago. You all thought I was nuts for doing it all so early. well... I'm glad I'm crazy anal, cause it's helping to save my sanity now!!!) Go Katie!
Ok, Happy thoughts..... (sorry, I've gotten a little frazzled this past week :)

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So when is the wedding????
Hope all goes well with your job. I answered your comment in my comments. But, I've been at shows, so not in the shop. Will be this week-end, but not next. Check out my comments.
Big Hugs,
The Queen