Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weight Watchers...

As you may or may not know, at this time last year, Kurt and I did weight watchers. We don't go to any silly meetings, we didn't sign up online...NOPE, we cheated the system and bought the books and calculator off of Ebay. (I love being frugal!) So, I lost 20 lbs as of last July. I hadn't thought much about it since... and kept all but two pounds off. Kurt lost like 10 lbs and then gained it all back.
So since we've got the wedding coming up, Kurt wanted to start back up. So I said I'd start it with him again. Because it truly works so much better when you've got a support team. I don't need silly meetings and weigh-ins, I've got my loving fiance!!!! We keep each other in check.
So we started back up again last week Monday. He's lost 8 lbs!!!!! and I've lost 5 lbs!!!!! We are truly excited. How cool! GO TEAM MAYER!


Nichole said...

awesome on your weight loss...:)

Roxanne Schwandt said...

WOW! Great work! Keep it up and loose some for me, all I get to do these days is gain, which should be a problem.. ehheehe :)